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Book of Mattis - Confirmations 2:1 Poster

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The lord militant wavethed his bladed hand and the nobles parted as grass.

"Remember this day" he bellowed "for not a single fuck was given to any, if they be a Marine in my beloved corps they shall stack the bodies of mine nations enemies liketh any other" and the nobles saw this, and that it was good and they rejoiced.

"But what of the Tartars who plagueth our cybers?" One noble asked. 

"And not a fuck for them either, they bleedeth as well as any other" The lord militant uttered.

And across the land, the people rejoiced. For they saw the Lord Militant was a just leader, a friend to allies and a bitter enemy to all who opposed him.

"And today we giveth no fucks! Verily!" Shouted the Lord Militants beloved corps. "The grass will grow, the blood of our nations enemies shall nurture and sate our soil and we will have a bountiful harvest of souls"

And the Marines rejoiced and went to bed with whoever they wished. Songs were sung of triumph and of battle and the glory that was to come in his wake.

"Until no enemy standeth before us but peace!" Was the cry "and no fucks shall we giveth" was their elation.

And upon them, the Lord Militant cast his knowing smile. "It is coming my children, waiteth just a little longer"

- The Book of Mattis, Confirmations, 2:1


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